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GNARNIA Blu-ray HD 1080

GNARNIA Blu-ray HD 1080

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***(PRE-ORDER - Ships October 17th 2023)***

GNARNIA Blu-ray HD 1080p

Follow Raha on his quest to become a long-distance motorcycle jumper while matching the current dirt-to-dirt distance backflip record of 190 feet, throwing record 260-foot whips, and the heaviest crash of his career.

Head to Bakersfield with Skrany to witness the most intense urban riding ever with a near-fatal crash. Chase Tanner Chadwick through the St. Anthony Dunes as he breaks the natural terrain distance dunes record 281 feet. Watch Berreman crash over 240 feet off the biggest jump of his career. With 5 helicopter shoots and the best drone team on earth, Director Jay Schweitzer and his crew deliver mind blowing cinematography.

Starring: Colby Raha, Alex Harvill, Scott Kranyak, Josh Hill, Adam Jones, Tanner Chadwick, Tyler Bereman, Jarryd Mcneil, Jason Borosky, Tom Parsons, Josh Hill and Vinnie Carbone.

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